Extreme dwarfanators wrestling

Center Stage Entertainment brings to you the Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling! We are one of the best dwarf wrestling shows in the business and we are ready to put on a show you’ll never forget. Some call it midget wrestling but we call it Dwarfanators wrestling! Whether you’re looking for laughs or thrills, our show has it all. Our dwarf or micro wrestlers are incredibly athletic and put on a great show that is sure to entertain. We have been entertaining for over ten years, selling out shows in event centers, arenas, casinos and nightclubs.

The EDW is an International Group that draws anywhere from 500 to 3,000 people worldwide.

Dwarf Wrestlers and Mini Luchadores!

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We the Dwarfanators will surely excite and delight audiences of all ages and hey, take note! This is not your average midget, micro, dwarf, or any little people wrestling show. We the Dwarfanators just welcome the Mini Luchadores from Mexico who is trained in the art of high-flying aerial moves, and death-defying maneuvers, and they are masked warriors that put on the best bad-ass show that you ever have. We are small in stature, but we pack a powerful punch! We have been touring for over 15yrs now and selling out shows in event centers, nightclubs, arenas, fairgrounds, and many more!!! We flip, fly, toss and soar through the air, performing jaw-dropping stunts that will leave you on the edge of your seat! If you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment that is sure to be a hit with everyone, then our Dwarf wrestling show is the perfect event for you! So, bring your family and friends and get ready for an unforgettable experience! So what are you waiting for?
Experience the BEST Dwarf wrestling show today!


We the Dwarfanators bring to you the Los Mini Enmascarados. We will show you a mixed American Dwarf Wrestling, and a unique Mexican Cultural art form of Mini Lucha Libre where we do high-flying aerials and scissor kicks, wheelbarrow holds, and death-defying maneuvers. This show is really exciting and nothing you have ever seen before! This is an action-packed of Dwarf and Mini People where the size never matters! This is an Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling that gives you a two-hour show that you will never forget! For the ancient Aztecs – referring to themselves as the Mexica – there was nothing more sacred than the mask. These masks were seen as magical relics, made from the best materials, and worn for all types of occasions. Rulers wore them to conduct sacred rituals. Priests used masks to speak to the gods or draw attention to special sacrifices.

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Experience the BEST
Pro Wrestling show of all time!

For nearly 150 years, these new warriors embrace the call of the ancient Aztecs from the afterlife, dedicating their lives to training in the professional wrestling and cultural art of Lucha Libre, donning a mask, and flying through the air like superheroes in tribute to the fallen. Every Lucha Libre wrestler that straps on the mask, laces the gear, and struts to the ring honors and mimics the spirit of the ancient Mexica warrior with every flying aerial and acrobatic stunt they perform. Come see these mini masked wrestlers put their bodies on the line as they not only pay homage to the Mexica heritage but also defend their honor!

The spirit of these Aztec warriors lives on in modern times via Mexican Lucha Libre!

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Be mystified as they compete in mask versus mask matches, where the loser has to reveal their true identity – the ultimate mark of shame in Lucha Libre! You may even see a hair versus hair match, where the loser gets a haircut that they’re not going to be happy about! You do not want to miss this unique spectacle performed by certified, licensed mini enmascarados wrestlers from Mexico who have performed in some of the biggest Lucha Libre matches in the world! Watch as they perform death-defying aerial moves, flying scissor kicks, and flipping dives that defy the impossible in celebration of their historical culture! You’ve never seen a show like this –We guarantee it!


A Memorable Night of Dynamic Entertainment!

My recent attendance at a Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling event left me thoroughly impressed. The night was a dynamic blend of continuous excitement and infectious laughter.The show was family-friendly, and I appreciated the inclusivity and diversity of the performers.

Michael Scott

An Evening Packed with Thrills and Laughter!

Wow, what an incredible night of entertainment! I had the pleasure of attending the dwarf wrestling show, and I can’t express how much fun it was. The energy in the venue was electric from start to finish.

Tedd Baker

A Night of Unforgettable Entertainment!

I highly recommend the Dwarfanators wrestling show to anyone looking for a night of excitement, laughter, and pure entertainment. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you cheering for more. Kudos to the entire team for putting on a show that exceeded all my expectations!.

Peter Lee